ClipMate USB Clip-On Light

Posted: March 15, 2017
ClipMate USB Clip-On Light
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Turn any hat into a headlamp, any pair of pants into a party with the ClipMate USB, a rechargeable light that clips onto a variety of surfaces to shine the way hands-free in an equal variety of situations. Runners and hikers, mechanics and handymen, people rooting through the dryer for that one lucky pair of underwear...no, it's not easier to just put the whole load in a basket.

The ClipMate USB has a compact lithium polymer batter pack with flashlight head extending from a flexible neck. Multiple light option modes come from a white C4 and 620-630nm red LED, and include: High power (70 lumens for 3-1/2 hours); Low power (10 lumens for 24 hours); High power red (0.5 lumens for 16 hours); and Low power Red (0.2 lumens for 65 hours).

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