Cyalume SnapLight Industrial Light Sticks

Posted: February 08, 2015
Cyalume SnapLight Industrial Light Sticks
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I always knew light sticks were good for raves and Midnight Zombie 5Ks, but lookie here: they're also good for providing instant, 360-degree illumination in emergency situations or ultra-dark working conditions. Cyalume SnapLights are industrial-grade light sticks that, even at only 6" long, can provide up to 12 hours of light visible from up to a mile away.

Shown here in green, but available in a host of different colors, SnapLights are waterproof, non-toxic, and non-flammable. Activate them just as you would the cheap party models, by bending, snapping, and shaking the tube. Stick exteriors are made of low density polyethylene, and both they and the internal chemiluminescent substance are recyclable.

Sold in packs of 10, Cyalume's sticks all come individually foil-wrapped for protection from light and moisture, and have up to a 5-year shelf life from their date of manufacture.

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