EROVR 10-in-1 Transformable Cart

Posted: April 15, 2016

The EROVR pretty much has every last bit of crap you might need to lug around covered with its Optimus Prime-level transformation abilities. This versatile cart shifts and clicks through 10 different modes that tweak its size and shape from a flat-packed square on wheels for easy storage, to a 3-sides-open dolly, to a double-handled luggage cart, to a piled-high wagon with side rails. Add-on EROVR accessories further Renaissance Man the cart into a beach rover, bike trailer, fishing buddy, and stereo system with power bank.

Currently seeking crowdfunding, the EROVR hopes to debut to its backers in December 2016.

EROVR makeup includes an 18" wide aluminum chassis with center hinge for unfolding and folding its ABS surface from square to rectangular. It also has 4 side fence panels, 2 on each side, that open individually and rest flat on top of the cart when not in use. Front and rear dolly panels also open individually and store flat with the fence panels. All folding plates have notches for bungee straps and ties.

EROVR's front and back handles telescope to desired heights, and a pivot point connecting them to the chassis rotates the handles from 0 to 90 to 135 to 180 degree settings to accommodate different cart modes. A fixed handle at the bottom serves as a grip when the EROVR is turned upright for use in hand truck mode.

EROVR wheels have lightweight, reinforced nylon cores with non-marking elastomeric rubber treads. Rear wheels are 7" x 2", front wheels are 5" x 3/4". Total cart weight is 25 pounds and load capacity 250 pounds.

Pledge for your EROVR cart on IndieGoGo through the end of April.

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