First Aid Flame - Instant Fire

Posted: January 11, 2014
First Aid Flame
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Movie stuntman and stunt coordinator Bob Bragg developed the First Aid Flame for 2 reasons. 1) He could. Having honed his savvy in fire-related stunts, Bragg knew how to fabricate and manipulate the combustion process well. 2) Stories he heard over the years of people freezing to death in the wilderness--or even on the side of the road in colder regions--convinced him the market needed a self-contained emergency fire. First Aid Flame, a pocket-sized, single-use pack, ignites wet or dry and burns for up to 60 minutes in response to any survivalist situation demanding heat for warmth or cooking.

First Aid Flame kits include matches and tinder, the latter composed of wood, fully refined wax, and a blend of non-combustible ignitables. The mass' density has been calibrated to guarantee an instant, hot, and reliable fire on call. Usage should be restricted to outdoors or fireplaces, but can include locations from homes, boats, and RVs to mountains, bike trails, and roadkill cookouts.

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