Gerber Tri-Tip Mini Cleaver

Posted: July 10, 2019
Gerber Tri-Tip Mini Cleaver
$33.52 - $35.84
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Mmm, Gerber's Tri-Tip Mini Cleaver is calling to mind a Tri-Tip cleaving of a fat tri-tip dinner from the campfire. Now all I need is 1 x Tri-Tip Mini Cleaver and 1 x wife willing to go camping with me....

No dice with my actual wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power, who says she'll only sleep in a mummy sack if it's inside a Bowlus Road Chief. Maybe she'll be more up for Gerber Tri-Tip cleaving on the go when tailgating season comes around.

From backwoods to back yard Gerber says its Mini Cleaver "rewrites what a utility blade can do." It has both scraping and cutting functionality, with a machined, textured aluminum handle providing grip, as well as a contrast of color to the stonewashed knife.

The Tri-Tip Mini Cleaver comes with a multi-mount sheath for carrying the bald in tip-down or horizontal SCOUT carry positions. The knife also has a lanyard hold in the handle for additional securing. Cleavers come in black handle / silver blade and green handle / black blade options.

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