Logmatic Wedge Axe Firewood Splitters

Posted: May 07, 2016
$70 - $88
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Using the Logmatic is kind of like digging a hole. Through a tree. The un-axes, or rather, Wedge Axes, are ergonomic hand tools designed especialy for splitting firewood and kindling. Place your Logmatic's flat head on top of a fat log, lift its nested striking bar up (the wedge stays in place), and then drive it back down to embed the wedge in the wood. Repeat the lift-and-slam steps until your slice breaks free.

Logmatic Wedge Axes, available in LM-250 Pro and lighter LM-150 models, won an Award of Security at a forestry trade fair in France for making the wood splitting process faster, less stressful on the body, and safer for all types of people to use. (Similar to the Kindling Cracker, but with a completely different concept and design.) According to Logmatic, even Grandma Josephine and little Timmy can bust up some firewood with the 9-pound LM-150 without throwing their backs out or losing half their toes thanks to the weight of the striking bar and Law of Continuity, and the axe's direction of force--straight into the ground.

With the wedge as a starting point of placement, the Logmatic also lets you take advantage of existing cracks in the wood you're splitting, and facilitates cutting around knotty areas.

The LM-250 weighs 12.13 pounds. It measures 5'1" long when fully extended before the pounce, and 3'5" with the striking bar depressed. The LM-150 weighs 8.8 pounds with maximum / minimum lengths of 3'2" and 5'3".

Muchas danke to Manny for the Dude Product Tip.

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