Luminoodle Use-Everywhere Light Rope & Lantern

Posted: September 22, 2015
Luminoodle Use-Everywhere Light Stick & Lantern
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Luminoodle is a light rope. And a lantern. And maybe something you'll soon see the hula hooping hippies and rave girls incorporate into their acts at shows. This 5' strand of USB-powered LEDs shines 10 to 20 times brighter than its Christmas light cousins, and creator Power Practical says Luminoodle is sure to become "the most adaptable, intuitive, and portable string lighting system" you've ever had. A bold statement for the millions of us with extensive portable string lighting system collections, sure, but if you read on you may find yourself as convinced as I am that Luminoodle is no joke.

Despite its name.

The Luminoodle rope is completely waterproof and flexible. Hang it, loop it, hook it, tie it, submerge it, or wrap it around anything to give a potent dose of ambient light to your endeavors. And if you'd rather a more concentrated than snakelike design for your campsite or car repairs, Luminoodle also comes with a rip-stop nylon bag to convert the rope to a lantern. The bag diffuses LED output and spreads it all directions for 360 degrees of mood lighting.

Luminoodles are powered by portable USB battery packs, attached via an extra 1' of USB cable at the end of the rope. Buyers have the option of supplying their own battery pack or purchasing Power Practical's Lithium 4400 battery pack. The company is offering a Luminoodle Plus package that includes this as part of their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Included in both Luminoodle basic and Plus pledges are all the doohickies you'll need to affix the light to your medium of choice. That is: 3 x custom-designed Noodle Ties; 2 x built-in heavy duty magnets (1 at each end); 1 x sliding magnet; and a utility loop on one end for hanging on a nail or looping the Noodle around itself.

Waterproofing comes courtesy of a single-piece silicone tube, capped and glued with more silicone for an IP67 rating, or dunking in up to 3' of water.

July 2016 Update: Kickstarter campaign success has led to successful Luminoodle production, and availability on Amazon--follow the purchase link above to get yours.

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