MS18 100,000 Lumen Flashlight

Posted: August 26, 2020
MS18 100,000 Lumen Flashlight
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Since 2020 has been so dark and depressing, why don't we try to spread some light throughout the rest of the year. Look here, I've got a Gonex 18,000 lumen flashlight I'm gonna flick on and...huh. Didn't even make a dent. 2020 just sucked that torch's light inside it, and ate it right up like a black hole.

OK, we'll bump up the intensity then. From 18,000 lumens to 25,000 lumens, courtesy of the X9R Marauder Flashlight. A press of the switch, a point of the beam right in the kisser, and...what the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, 2020? Did it even make your eyes water? Are you laughing at me? Are you mocking me and my... what? Measly man-baby lumens?

Aaalllrighty then! I guess it's balls to the wall, all hands on deck, powers aligned, hail Mary, Care Bears Stare time! MS18, get your flash out here! Let's show 2020 the light. 100,000 lumens of light! Powerful enough to sear away darkness and illuminate hope as it blazes through even the bleakest of times. ... Or, you know, up to 135 unobstructed meters ahead.

The MS18 100,000 Lumen Flashlight is great for hiking, camping, caving, exploring, power outages and other emergencies, and telling all your friends you own the brightest flashlight on the market. For now, anyway. I'm betting an even brighter light will ignite in 2021.

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