OOAK Forge Neck Knives

Posted: March 20, 2018
OOAK Forge Neck Knives
$160 - $625
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Usable handmade sculptures. That's how Harlan Whitman of OOAK Forge would like wearers to think of his neck knives. As the shop's name suggests, all of these pieces are one of a kind, and at printing OOAK Forge had 5 different neck knives, ranging from Cleaver to Kiridashi, to choose from. They also make slingshots and a line of artsy skull pendants.

The neck knives, though, these are the art pieces to be reckoned with. They come with paracord-woven Kydex sheaths and, according to OOAK Forge, will suit your needs equally well indoors and out: camping; crafting; and cutting materials requiring more precise control and precision.

And while you'd be at risk of fatally impaling yourself if you accessorized with one of the knives flyin' sheath-free like it's Woodstock, even with their blades covered OOAK Forge's handle handiwork will stand out at your jugular.

The blade above is the Chrysocolla Cleaver Neck Knife. It's made of AEB-L Stainless Steel Damascus, with a Chrysocolla and sterling silver handle handmade by Amy Buettner and Tucker Glasow. Overall knife length is 3.875"; blade length is 1.625".

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