POTENCO Mini Chainsaw

Posted: March 01, 2023
POTENCO Mini Chainsaw
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Here's a lil' chainsaw for the lil' bit of yardwork you'll have to do this spring. Haha, sike! Only the POTENCO Mini Chainsaw part of that statement is lil'. After the winter this country - dare I say this world? - has had, spring cleanups the land over are going to take titan-sized efforts. They won't always, however, require titan-sized tools, so this handheld power chainsaw could still be a great addition to the tool shed, and to the hands of the manual laborers (yes, Mama, that includes your son) who will beautify our lawns and gardens.

At just 1.76 pounds and 13" long, the POTENCO Mini Chainsaw is both easy to use, and makes it easier to complete yard tasks such as treetop pruning, kindling cutting, and garden work that somehow requires both a delicate approach and a burly attack. Talking to you, rose bushes.

The POTENCO Mini Chainsaw uses a 21V, 2.0Ah lithium battery that can power it from 50 to 60 minutes per charge. Motor speed maxes out at 6m/s, and its 550W of power can cut 4" diameter logs in 5 seconds.

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