Rake Assassin Rake/Shovel Combo Tool

Posted: April 12, 2018
Rake Assassin Rake/Shovel Combo Tool
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Huh. I never thought much about harvesting potatoes until I saw the Rake Assassin doing it. You really do need a tool that serves as both rake and shovel to scoop the spuds up and then filter off the wads of dirt that will invariably scoop up with them. You probably also need a spade or something, to dig them up in the first place, but Rake Assassin maker Root Assassin has you covered there too.

Of course, the Rake Assassin is good for a lot more than harvesting potatoes. As a rake / shovel combo tool, you can use it to rake, collect, skim, sift, dump, and haul almost any landscape feature or encroacher (e.g., dead leaves, gravel, poop, park, beach, or pond trash.) It has polypropylene teeth that bend a little, but not too much, and the rake head attaches to a lightweight powder coated aluminum shaft with a plastic D-handle. Overall rake length is 58" and weight 1.75 pounds.

So now that we've covered the Rake Assassin, let's go back to the potatoes. Have you ever seen tubers growing before? Those big fat starchy bastards grow down, bulging in between their plants' roots like tumors. Delicious underground tumors! That we can just dig up and turn into french fries and hash browns. Mind-boggling!

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