Roof Gutter Cleaning Tool

Posted: October 12, 2022
Roof Gutter Cleaning Tool
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Cleaning out your roof gutters by hand: more or less gross than scooping out pumpkin guts by hand? This roof gutter cleaning tool does for the unsavory task of removing leaves and gunked-up debris from your roof drainage system what the Pumpkin Scraper Glove does for the unsavory task of hollowing out Halloween jack-o-lanterns.

To use the roof gutter cleaning tool, you'll need an extendable rod to screw into its 3/4" standard threading. From there, minimize ladder movement and gather up all the clog-happy crap using the tool's hook end to pull it forward for collection and disposal. The hook is also good for getting underneath gutters and behind skylights, and can be used to hang your pole from ladder rungs while you're climbing.

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