T-Rex Ferociously Strong Tape

Posted: January 12, 2017
T-Rex Ferociously Strong Tape
$4.47 - $26.91
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Like its namesake in the world of dinosaurs, T-Rex Tape says it's the biggest, strongest, and most favorite in the world of duct tapes. And like the Cretaceous beast, T-Rex Tape also hates pushups and hand clapping, so will patch up and waterproof the hole in your shoe so you can go for a run in the rain instead, and cement all those irritating kids' hands shut when they sing "If You're Happy and You Know It" with twice the stick and three times the hold of standard duct tape.

T-Rex Tape gets reviewers' nods for its extra thick, UV-resistant construction and All-Weather Skin, which hold up in about any climate and environmental condition. The tape is also strong enough to adhere to rough or dirty surfaces without sacrificing sticking power. In addition to fixing footwear and noisy appendages T-Rex Tape is ideal for home and workshop projects, camping and fishing trips, and life on a boat.

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