Tec Torch Thermal Breaching Tool

Posted: November 19, 2015

I know. If you're not military, law enforcement, or a first responder you can't have a TEC Torch handheld breaching saber tool, but, dude, you can still want it. TEC Torch uses thermal magic, specifically a concoction of combustion products jetted through a nozzle, to heat and sever, say, a 5/8" steel bar in less than 1 second. Or 2 in less than 6.

TEC Torch is non-explosive and, according to creators Energetic Materials & Products, Inc., completely safe for trained personnel to use. The engineered projectile it releases consists of a combination of vaporized metal and particulate whose temperature (over 4000 degrees F) and speed of attack simply heat targets above their melting points and erode them away. The big bang is housed in TEC Torch cartridges designed to contain the intense pressure and thermal energy without backlash or injury "within inches of the operator's hand."

The TEC Torch hilt measures just 1-1/2" in diameter, with the full assembly length ranging from 12" to 14", depending on the selected cartridge option. Cartridges include: a 2-second burn-time model, the most widely applicable to a variety of targets; a Rod Cutter, which can cut a solid steel rod up to 0.75" clean, regardless of whether its hardened, plain carbon, or stainless; and a Plate Penetrator for hot-blasting a 0.35" diameter hole through a 0.5" steel plate.

TEC Torches can also be used underwater during deep water exploration.

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