Tough Tesla 2.0 Outdoor Lighter

Posted: September 07, 2020
Tough Tesla 2.0 Outdoor Lighter
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Tesla coils, plasma beams, arc lighters. So many names for the Tough Tesla style of electric flamemaker that sparks via a USB-rechargeable battery, and powers through both wind and rain to get your wick, your campfire, your joint lit.

This Tough Tesla is Frog & Co.'s 2.0 Outdoor Lighter. Functioning fuel-free, it contains a 220 mAh battery good for around 300 ignitions per charge. Ignitions, not flicks, because the Tough Tesla 2.0 ignites anything flammable simply by touching it to the lighter's top-facing dual arcs, and pressing the silver button on the canister.

The Tough Tesla 2.0 Outdoor Lighter also includes a built-in flashlight at its base, a para-tinder lanyard, and an emergency whistle. Add it to your survival kit, or just keep one on hand in your junk drawer when some Les Stroud-style candle lighting is in order when a date comes back to your place.

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