Zippo FireFast Bellows

Posted: April 24, 2022
Zippo FireFast Bellows
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You can't slip Zippo's FireFast Bellows into your pocket like this little blow-it fire starter, but then again, the FireFast Bellows isn't for little fires. And as its name suggests, the Zippo brand of flame stoker doesn't mess around with whispers of air or weak exhales. It's a battery-operated bellows with impeller-style fan vents that fires up campfires, fireplaces, charcoal grills, and BBQs FireFast.

The FireFast Bellows nozzle is flame retardant, so you can nestle it in close to where you need the dragon puff of oxygen its push-button operation provides. The tool is made of rugged plastic and fitted with a non-slip grip on the handle end for additional control during use.

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