Zippo Mag Strike

Posted: October 16, 2022
Zippo Mag Strike
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Zippo-dee-doo-dah, Zippo-dee-ay / My, oh, Mag Strike will add a spark to your day. Or, or, how about: Dudes, I built a big ol' pyre / Come on, Mag Strike, light my fire.

The Zippo Mag Strike ferro rod and striker blade are crafted to help you kick off campfires, bonfires, and fireplace flames - not to mention write some excellent song parodies - in sturdy, lasting Zippo style. They feature a textured grip, solid triangular body, and ultra-sharp blade to aid in precision and power. The oversized, 2" long x 5/16" diameter ferrocerium rod has a coating for corrosion resistance, so it is both burly and protected, intended to provide years of use.

A snap-lock closure on the Zippo Mag Strike locks the two pieces together when not in use, and a molded lanyard hole makes it easy to slip onto a backpack, keychain, or necklace for your favorite fire fiend.

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