Zoom Tube Monocular Telescope

Posted: September 20, 2021
Zoom Tube Monocular Telescope
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The Zoom Tube Monocular Telescope weighs just 9.5 ounces, so you can pack it up and take it along on any adventure. Non-creepy adventures only, please, peeping toms and stalkers! Sporting events. Hiking and mountaineering trips. Sighting and watching all the dumb birds of North America.

In addition to its portability, the Zoom Tube Monocular Telescope distinguishes itself with a colorful ribbed housing that both absorbs impact if jostled or dropped, and provides grip during use. The latter is especially helpful if your hands get sweaty during big plays, tough climbs, and awaiting the White-Breasted Nuthatch, or if you have my wife's fingers, and they freeze and become nonfunctional when the temperature drops below 55.

Maker Nocs Provisions pairs the Zoom Tube's rugged housing with scratch-resistant lenses, and IPX4 water-resistant construction, and nitrogen-sealed O-rings that keep the monocular fogproof.

Functionally, the Zoom Tube has a 384' field of view at 1,000 yards, a fully multi-coated lens array and BaK4 prisms for clarity, and a twist-up eyecup for glasses compatibility. You can expand the monocular's functionality with accessories such as an Inspector Microscope converter for 4x zoom viewing of small objects, a photo rig for snapping pictures sighted through the Zoom Tube, and Capture Clip carrier / tripod mount.

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