Tri-Pi Polish Lavvu / Shelter Building Tool

Posted: August 20, 2023
Tri-Pi Polish Lavvu / Shelter Building Tool
$33.24 - $34.57
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A Polish lavvu is a makeshift, temporary shelter built on-site, and originally used by the Sami people of the way up north parts of Northern Europe. The Tri-Pi is a sort of Polish lavvu starter kit, a 1.6-ounce, 3D-printed pyramid that fits way easier into a bushcrafter's or backwoods camper's backpack than even the most compact tent.

The Tri-Pi has a trio of holes on its bottom side sized to hold a stick apiece, each around 6' long. Once the sticks are inserted, you'll have the bones of a sturdy, 2-man shelter you can complete by throwing a 10' x 10' tarp over the top. No center pole is required.

Along the underside of the Tri-Pi are also 3 holes that serve as hanging points for a lantern, or, if you prefer to build your structure tarpless over a fire, a kettle. As a shelter, the Tri-Pi produces a space around 6' in diameter and 5' tall. It was designed and is manufactured in England by Rough Timba.

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