Water Shade Canopy Float Kit

Posted: April 16, 2022
Water Shade Canopy Float Kit
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What floats your boat? A hull*. What floats your canopy? A Water Shade Canopy Float Kit. Essentially a set of four 18" mini rafts made of heavy grade PVC vinyl, the Canopy Float Kit endeavors to help those who like to chill in the water chill more comprehensively. That is, from below via the H2O, and from above, thanks to a UV-blocking, shade-making canopy the kit allows you to anchor and float overhead.

Canopy Floats have integrated clips designed for attachment to most standard straight-leg, pop-up style canopies. They can also support most canopy sizes, and weights of up to 55 pounds. Also included in Water Shade's Canopy Float Kit is an Anchor Tethering System you can use as a permanent anchor point for connecting your own anchor. You can also tie the floating canopy to a boat, dock, or other fixed point.

The canopy itself is not included in the Canopy Float Kit, just the 4 floats, Anchor Tethering System, a storage bag, and an air pump.

*And, like, a downward gravitational force of the boat that's less than the upward buoyancy force of the water it's in.

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