Darth Vader Lightsaber Battle Pool Float

Posted: May 04, 2020
Darth Vader Lightsaber Battle Pool Float
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I wouldn't bet a single credit that Darth Vader could even float in that armor, much less engage in a competitive lightsaber battle wearing it in the water. But 2020 is nothing if not a year of surprises, so here we are. Donut Float Dark Lord of the Sith, ready to destroy pool time.

Darth Vader wields his lightsaber at the helm of a 42" ring tube pool float, where he looks more like a hood ornament on a raft than a formidable foe, but hey. Maybe this is the kinder, gentler Vader. The 2.0 Dad Vader version author Jeffrey Brown created for his Darth Vader and Son book series. Maybe in addition to floating you around the water, defending you from pool noodle blows and beach balls to the face, this Vader will also volunteer to throw you some pitches and tell you to keep your eye on the ball, and let you help design the family shirts he's going to have printed up because he found a great batch deal online!

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