DOCKsLOCKs SUP & Surfboard Lock System

Posted: March 21, 2021
DocksLocks SUP & Surfboard Lock System
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Is there a bigger buzzkill than thievery at the beach? DOCKsLOCKs is a SUP and surfboard lock system made to be a quick and easy way for surfers and paddle boarders to protect their precious cargo from theft. DOCKsLOCKs can connect multiple boards with a single cable, and secure them in a variety of places, from a tree, to a fence, to the rooftop of your car.

DOCKsLOCKs uses a resettable combination lock fitted on a 10' stainless steel coated DXLX cable that winds through and around your board and its attachment point. From there, you have a couple different options for lock-up.

If your SUP or surfboard has a recessed leash plug, you can just clamp the included DOCKsLOCKs Jaws Lock, a mechanism about the size of a car key, around the plug bar, and thread the cable through the ring on the top of the Jaws Lock. If you don't have a leash plug, the DOCKsLOCKs package also comes with a cleat you can install in your board's fin plate (fin box) that the Jaws Lock will clamp onto instead.

An anti-theft system for your SUPs and surfboards is one way to ensure your day of beach bumming doesn't turn into a bummer. Keep the momentum going with these other suggestions for essential gear for a perfect day at the beach.

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