Exolung Underwater Breathing Device

Posted: December 20, 2019

The Exolung is a prototype for an underwater breathing device that gives shallow-water divers the freedom of a SCUBA, without all of the elaborate equipment. More probably, it will be the snorkelers who swim towards Exolung's lightweight and compact kit that one-ups the Easybreath snorkeling mask with a 16' to 23' oxygen line fed continuously through a float on the water's surface.

The Exolung aims to be a low-hassle extension of your standard underwater gear - fins, mask, and snorkel. At its heart, and sitting along yours, are a harness with an attached "air bell" for pulling in oxygen from the surface. Inside the air bell is a waterproof bag that fills with / empties of water in sync with your breath. Ambient water pressure pushes air through the hose inside the top of the canister, and as the air flows in it displaces the water pushing up from the canister's underside.

The process is continuous and unending; no equipment recharges or tank refills are required.

Another neat Exolung feature: you'll have the option of connecting the air bell and breathing process to your fins for propulsion. That is, you'll kick your legs long on exhalations, and then bend them on inhalations for a boost in movement.

In addition to snorkeling and other recreational underwater activities, you can also wear an exolung during underwater utility work or boat repairs, during pool training, of for underwater gymnastics and yoga.

When available, Exolung creator Jorg Tragatschnig estimates the equipment will cost under 300 Euros (about $330). The apparatus will come in 4 different sizes / styles to suit various activities. Average Exolung kit weight is 7.7 pounds, with a 40 x 30 x 20 cm pack size.

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