Fitzke Bootlegger Paddleboard

Posted: August 10, 2017
Fitzke Bootlegger Paddleboard

Fitzke begins its foray into paddleboard builds with a nod to airplanes and illicit booze. The Bootlegger SUP is designed after prohibition-era airplanes and wood boats from the 20s.

Adding to the paddleboard's checkerboard charm and mahogany plywood construction is its generous, water-resistant storage compartment extending underneath the front of the board. A sweet little hiding spot for stowing your food, your phone, your lunch, and maybe a special treat or two that could really benefit from having such as sweet little hiding spot to keep it safe during transport. All good bootleggers have one.

Fitzke creates the Bootlegger's touring-style look with marine-grade mahogany plywood, but crafts the entire paddleboard with less than 10% solid wood to preclude expansion and wood / joinery splits and cracks when the weather and climate change. All Bootleggers are handmade to order, finishing with handpainted graphics and a 3-stage buffing sequence to achieve "museum-quality shine."

Dimensions of the Bootlegger stand up paddleboard are 12'6" long x 28.5" wide.

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