Fluzzle Interlocking Float Tubes

Posted: August 05, 2022
Fluzzle Interlocking Float Tubes
$64.99 - $150
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Fluzzle Tubes, now these are the kind of hookups everyone will enjoy. The interlocking float tubes have traditional tubular center butt holes, with mesh supports on the bottom, and backrests for comfort. But rather than continuing their strict roundness on the outside, Fluzzle has added knobs and slots reminiscent of jigsaw puzzle pieces, and indeed, these tubes are meant to link together to build a human puzzle o' floating fun.

Fluzzle Tubes eliminate the need for ropes or hand / foot holds to keep friends together in the water, whether on a float trip down the river, or just chilling in a lake. The interlocking elements of the tubes allow them to be linked in a chain, a communal circle, or whatever amoebic design you come up with.

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