G2X Jetboard - Electric Wakeboard

Posted: January 22, 2018
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Leave it to the Swedes to build a G2X Jetboard, and then test it out in the icy fjords of Norway. While I can barely survive the cold walking from my house to my car this winter.

The G2X Jetboard loosely resembles a wakeboard, but since this water toy is electric, maker Radinn has eliminated the bindings, and the tow lines, from its design. You won't need a boat to tear through the water on a G2X. No wind or waves required either. You can glide free and easy, unencumbered by the whims of nature and your flaky buddy with the Moomba Outback, from anywhere.

Including the icy fjords of Norway.

Raddin highlights versatility as another G2X Jetboard perk. With the tow and cooperative weather nixed from the mix, you can ride a much wider variety of waters, including small lakes, narrow rivers and streams, and hidden pools inaccessible to motorboats.

The G2X Jetboard has been designed to achieve speeds of up to 58kmh (36mph) in, according to Raddin, "near complete silence." And since it's an electric board, it won't require oil changes or much in the way of maintenance.

Standard G2X packages include the board, a 50kmh (31mph) max speed, and a standard charger. Available upgrades include an ultrafast charger, a speed booster (to the full 58khm), and additional Jetboard power packs to extend usage time.

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