Human Submarine Suit

Posted: August 07, 2016
Human Submarine Suit
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When all the other kids in Phil Nuytten's class said they wanted to be astronauts when they grew up, Phil went rogue and said he wanted to be an aquanaut. Then, while all the wannabe astronauts ended up living in their mamas' basements for several years after college trying to think of clever things to say about crap they saw on the internet, Phil not only became an aquanaut, he invented the EXOSUIT that allows him to do it.

EXOSUIT is an atmospheric diving system (ADS) that essentially places its wearer inside a self-contained, self-propelled underwater vessel. It's made of hard metal smithed together with 24 sealed A536 aluminum alloy rotary joints that provide full mobility and body articulation inside it. While maintaining sea level air pressure and providing a 50-hour oxygen supply, the suit will give divers access to sites ranging from coral reefs to shipwrecks to crevices of the sea up to 1,000' deep.

EXOSUIT power comes from a quad of integrated 1.6HP thrusters that facilitate vertical, horizontal, and rotational movement. The "human submarine" also has:

  • 150-watt LED lights that can project 19,200 lumens.
  • An integrated Imagenex sonar for situational awareness.
  • An intercom system for surface communication on hard wire with a wireless through-water backup.
  • 2 x oxygen and 1 x carbon dioxide scrubber life support systems.
  • A 1,250' umbilical connecting the EXOSUIT with a support crew and power source at the surface.
  • A built-in, shoulder-mounted HD video camera.
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