Inflat-A-Bull Pool Toy

Posted: April 11, 2017
Inflat-A-Bull Pool Toy

Save a horse, ride a pool toy. The Inflat-A-Bull might be the most clever - and scariest; check out the photo-realistic print on that toro's face! - pool toy I've ever seen. And he's here to buck you right into summer. Lather up his hide up with some Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil, get a few friends Corneliuses to agitate the raft's handles, and you can even run a makeshift mechanical bull ride in the water.

The Inflat-A-Bull has 3 air chambers to fill. Perfect for your girlfriend's friend's new blowhard boyfriend to blow out all that hot air about how he walked right in and conquered the mechanical bull at a dive bar outside of Galveston during a self-enlightenment road trip last summer. It measures 96" x 77" x 32".

Muchas danke to Technabob.

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