NautBoard Handheld Towable

Posted: May 22, 2016
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The NautBoard is dolphin to the power of jet ski. This twin-peaked towable ties up to your favorite motored vessel just like a raft or water ski rope, but rather than zipping you along well above the water's surface as you hold on tight, the NautBoard gives you the option to drop under during the ride. You'll glide like the fastest of our fish and marine mammal friends, no suits, fins, or sea creature anatomy required.

NautBoard creators describe its use as "virtually effortless." It delivers a light, 2- to 5-knot pull in action, and can be used both on top of and below the surface of oceans, lakes, or even swimming pools. (You'll have to haul out the manual labor in a pool, pulling it by hand or with a winch.) As you get comfortable with the NautBoard's feel and maneuverability, you'll be able to dive deeper and stay under water longer during towing. Or just chill at the surface and enjoy both unlimited thrills and an unlimited supply of oxygen.

NautBoards are made of a durable, flexible, lightweight, and UV-resistant composite material. They float until pulled underwater.

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