Pool Punisher Inflatable Tank with Water Cannon

Posted: April 28, 2021
Pool Punisher Inflatable Tank with Squirt Gun
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The Pool Punisher reminds us there are pool floats that mean pool floatin', and pool floats that mean pool business. And this inflatable tank with a built-in water cannon means pool business. The giant pool toy does a decent job of shaping and decorating itself like a military tank ready for battle, and an even better job of taking that battle to water with its "armor": a deep inset seat for a single rider; and a pump action squirt gun able to blast liquid ammo up to 50'.

The Pool Punisher inflatable tank is built as a gift for the kids. But wait! There's more. The Pool Punisher inflatable tank is also a suitable gift for teens. And! And! A gift for grown ass men! I'm not even making that up. Pool Punisher itself says its "rock solid design" is game for water wars between all ages. I quote: "If you need pool toys for teens and adults that will hold up under any conditions, trust only the Pool Punisher."

In addition to its sheltered interior and powerful water cannon, the Pool Punisher gives you one more tool for battle: holes for your feet. So you can maneuver the tank by paddling it like a duck. Hey, sorry Sergeant, Pool Punisher didn't have the budget for an inbuilt squirt gun and a motor.

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