Quadrofoil Electric Watercraft

Posted: November 07, 2014
Quadrofoil Electric Watercraft
$28k - $28k
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Here's your chance to jet across the water on an architectural insect. With the Quadrofoil you can do it quietly and without injecting carbon-based fuels into the subsurface ecosystem too. This personal watercraft operates with a silent motor and zero emissions electrical tech, making it not only a cleaner option for aquatic joyrides, but also one that can shoot along lakes, rivers, seas, and eco-zones where most motor boats and PWCs are prohibited.

An all-electric, battery-operated outboard motor and special steering system comprise Quadrofoil's clean powerhouse. Combined with an aerodynamic design, the Q2S model can cruise through water at speeds of up to 20 knots, or about 25 mph. C-foil technology on the vessel's underside creates enough buoyancy to lift it above the surface, and promote travel with minimal water resistance. The craft's steering wheel has an integrated touchscreen display reflecting battery power, range (60+ miles), speed, and consumption. Safety provisions include: an anti-collision system (the insect's legs) designed to absorb shock upon impact; a hollow hull that renders the Quadrofoil unsinkable; and a coupla life jackets and a paddle for times when the lazy, sun-kissed river turns into Shit Creek.

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