See Through Bottom Canoe

Posted: July 22, 2011
See Through Bottom Canoe
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Ahhh. It's a see-through canoe/kayak that seats two and provides the perfect setting for a romantic, yet adventurous date of paddling the high seas and taking in all of its technicolored fishies, regally swaying anemones, and hammerhead sharks fixing to sink their teeth into the thin layer of polycarbonate Lexan covering its lovebirds' asses.

The translucent canoe/kayak, like the Fish Aquarium Sink, exposes the wonders of the ocean, while keeping the wetness of the ocean at bay. It's a dream come true for those who can't swim, aquaphobics, and people who have just gotten a perm. Manufactured by Clear Blue Hawaii, the canoe measures 11'1" x 2'9 1/2" x 11". Its transparent hull material is the same polycarbonate used to produce bulletproof glass and fighter jet canopies, and its anodized aluminum frame is removable for easy transport. Fully assembled, the vessel weighs only 40 pounds. Which is even more impressive given that it can support up to 425 pounds of weight. That's like two, average-sized midwesterners. Or 5 Japanese people. Or a really fat, bald man living in Thailand, and his 14-year-old mistress. Or maybe just you, a map of the World According to Americans, your Cigar Box Guitar, and a few kegs of Rolling Rock.

If darting through open waters fully submerged is more your thing, check out the Subwing, an underwater hang glider. Or if you'd rather marvel at sea life from the comfort of your living room, look to the jaw-dropper that is the Skinned Cod Fish Light.

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