Snorkel Hookah

Posted: July 31, 2012
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Many of us dig communing with corals and fishes and hot merpeople lookin' for a good time 40 feet beneath the ocean's surface, but suited up SCUBA-style in bulky BC vests and heavy oxygen tanks sort of encumbers the experience. It's like getting an invite to the Playboy Mansion...on the condition that you wear a snowsuit. Still definitely worth going, but it's gonna feel a little different for you than it is for all the Hefland natives in string bikinis and silk bathrobes.

Anyone who likes tooling around deep (but not too deep) underwater--the avid snorkelers out there--should take a gander at PowerDive's Snorkel Hookah. A floating apparatus with an oxygen reservoir, air hoses, and a pair of regulators, the hookah enables individual explorers to spend over an hour diving to depths of up to 39.6 feet, and pairs of ocean dwellers to spend the same amount of time coasting at depths approaching 20 feet. The system is entirely tank-free, and powered by a rechargeable 35 a/h battery. Easy setup and minimal system training mean that even inexperienced divers can be swimming alongside flounders and Rasta crabs in minutes.

Granted, this level of sustained submergence isn't cheap at $2,250. But it's comparable to the cost of decent quality SCUBA equipment acquisition and maintenance, and, if used regularly, will likely return more varied and substantial encounters with aquatic life than jaunts restricted to the length of a snorkel tube.

Since the Snorkel Hookah pump and motor reside in a floating surround, the system sits atop the water with a bright yellow flag clearly indicating the presence of divers below. It supports both shore and vessel diving. Complete packages include:

  • Power Snorkel Compressor Unit
  • Snorkel/Float/Flag
  • Air Reservoir
  • 2 Regulators with Dive Harnesses
  • Gear Bag
  • Battery
  • Hose Set: 1m length connecting pump to reservoir; 6m length connecting reservoir to Y-piece; two 6m lengths connecting Y-piece to divers 1 and 2

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