Strand Craft V8 Wet Rod

Posted: July 20, 2014
Strand Craft V8 Wet Rod
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Strand Craft knows the best thing to do after you get hot is...get wet. So for the hot rod enthusiasts ready to take it to the next level, plus everyone else looking to showboat their wealth with a cushy, seafaring 2-seater, check out Strand Craft's V8 Wet Rod.

Highlighted by its classy, modernized-throwback aesthetic, Strand Craft's 16' personal water craft is made of carbon fiber and epoxy, and can glide effortlessly through the water at top speeds of 65 mph. Obviously, the V8 Wet Rod has a V8 engine, 5.7L and 300Hp, plus a water jet propulsion system. Essentially the Bentley of jet skis. It also comes with a waterproof luggage box and an ice chest under the seat. Buyers can add further luxury to the luxury watercraft with the following options:

  • Custom trailer
  • Engine chrome dress up kit
  • Wood inlays
  • Carbon inlays
  • Custom paint
  • Custom wrapping
  • Sound system
  • GPS navigator

V8 Wet Rod production is anticipated to begin towards the end of 2014. The $49,000 price tag is an early estimate for the baseline model.

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