Strike Cam Underwater Fishing Camera

Posted: August 01, 2014
Check It Out

If you can watch the Strike Cam video without vomiting it gets pretty alright around the 1m30s mark. An underwater camera pack created to capture a fish's take of the bait...and subsequent demise...the Strike Cam is waterproof and submersible up to 30'. A removable camera sits inside the Strike housing and shoots AVI videos at 736 x 480 resolution and 30 FPS.

In addition to recording for posterity the joyous moments of a fish's approach and bite, the Strike Cam has proven to be instructional as well. Users will gain firsthand knowledge of how fish react to lures, how they position themselves to structure, the dynamics of schooling fish, the hook set, and the fight.

The Strike Cam assembly is 4-1/2" long, 3/4" wide and 1" high. According to its stat sheet, it weighs just 3/4 oz, but I find it hard to believe that's not a typo.

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