Posted: January 23, 2018
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Snowfeet look like a lovechild born of a forbidden affair between a pair of skis and a pair of crampons. From the latter Snowfeet got their compact, strap-on design; buckle the foot-shaped shoes over your own pair of winter boots, and you're ready to glide. The gliding - and skating and racing and tearing downhill - traits Snowfeet inherited from skiing. But while their thrill of use is similar, some might consider Snowfeet even better than skis, given they come with a fraction of the slope, heft, and schlepping requirements.

According to their Czech creators, Snowfeet is "a new booming winter sport." With minimal gear and at minimal cost, the shoe sheaths can take you both for runs on the slopes and skates across flatter, packed snow surfaces (more like cross-country skiing.) Carry them in your pack on hikes up, and then, the top, don the Snowfeet and let them do the carrying back down. Snowfeet themselves are relatively inexpensive, plus give you access to small forest paths and off-the-slopes areas you can potentially avoid buying a lift pass to use.

The shoes are made of durable plastic and sold as one size fits all, which really means US men's shoe sizes 7 to 12. Note that Snowfeet design makes stopping and turning more difficult than they are with skis. It's not recommended to use Snowfeet on steep slopes.

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