Vehicle Tire Snow Socks

Posted: February 15, 2017
Vehicle Tire Snow Socks
$45.99 - $60.99
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Super Snow Socks aren't for the interminably cold feet of my girlfriend*, they're for the traction-challenged feet of my car that show up whenever winter drinks too much and then pukes it up all over the road just in time for my morning commute. Or your trip home from visiting your parents. The trek up to the mountains. And the drive home from the movies.

Shaddock Fishing's Super Snow Socks provide benefits similar to those of chains on slippery roads, but are way easier to install on your tires, and don't risk damaging the roads you're driving on. Snow Socks come in 3 sizes to fit cars and trucks ranging from compact to SUV. They're made of polyolefin, and each set is lightweight, reusable, and washable.

Super Snow Socks are not intended for use at speeds of over 30MPH. Each package includes 2 socks with dust cover for storage, and a pair of gloves for installation.

*That's cold feet in the literal sense. Figuratively, the Bride magazines and fake diamond rings from the gumball machine she leaves lying around the house suggest to me they're on fire.

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