Wooden Hammock Swing

Posted: May 09, 2023
Wooden Hammock Swing
$509.19 - $613.95
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Is this Wooden Hammock Swing from Hi Home Decor giving anyone else Indiana Jones vibes? Or at least Indiana Jones Cat Bridge vibes? Good thing the handmade tree swing is for lounging, napping, and swaying supine in the breeze, not walking across as part of a Ninja Warrior backyard obstacle course.

The Wooden Hammock Swing is handmade from dozens of wood slats that give it flexibility of movement and butt- and back-contouring for the different shaped dudes and ladies who lie in it. Rather than rope, Hi Home Decor uses steel ropes to connect the wood slats, providing additional strength and durability during use, and over time. You can hang the hammock from trees, secure front porch beams, or a hammock stand.

Hi Home Decor will leave the wood's natural finish, as pictured, or add a red finish. For an additional charge, you can also add a cushion sized especially for the slatted swing, and / or a wooden mat to use as your relaxation launch / back-to-the-grind dismount point.

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