WorkPod Lite Backyard Room

Posted: May 23, 2023
WorkPod Lite Backyard Room
$14,900 - $18,500
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Those of you whose: kids won't (can't afford to) move out of your house; partners now work from home; teenager (wrongly) believes they're the next Kenny G; or in-laws and extended family feel like your casa is their casa, you can pay for the perpetual disruption in two ways. Frustration and stress. Or dollars. The WorkPod Lite Backyard Room from Autonomous gives you a somewhat affordable way to do the latter.

A more basic, barebones version of their original WorkPod, the WorkPod Lite brings a bit of extra space to your home. Space that's easily added, doesn't require a permit to install, and, best of all, sets up in your backyard, detached and remote from the rest of your house. Autonomous calls the WorkPod Lite a "backyard room" because its 8'7" x 8'12" footprint and 80 square feet of interior space have a multitude of uses. An office. An art, music, or fitness studio. A spare bedroom. Or just another place to hang out. Maybe somewhere for the kids to watch PAW Patrol and Peppa Pig when you can't take another minute of cartoon problem solving and your 3-year-old trying to copy a British accent.

You can assemble the WorkPod Lite yourself, or pay extra for professional assembly. The unit comes pre-wired and prepped with multiple outlets, ready for connection to a primary power source. Its prefab foundation is made of solid steel framing, 2 layers of plywood, honeycomb paper, bitume, housewrap, and vinyl - materials that render the WorkPod Lite weatherproof, and usable all year long.

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