How to Read Minds 2 Kit: Ellusionist x Peter Turner

Posted: November 22, 2022
How to Read Minds 2 Kit: Ellusionist x Peter Turner
$99 - $149
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The How to Read Minds 2 Kit is a collaboration between magic store Ellusionist and magic master Peter Turner that will teach anyone how to command a room. Silence skeptics. Wow friends and family. Stun Karen so hard she demands the manager tell her how you did it...and then makes you sign a nondisclosure so no one ever finds out what she was thinking.

An all-new edition to their original How to Read Minds partnership, the How to Read Minds 2 Kit brings mentalism to the masses with the same techniques, but different approaches. You do not have to own or have learned the skills taught in the first edition to master, or gift, number 2 (though you can purchase both together at a major discount during the How to Read Minds 2 Kickstarter campaign.)

Sample nuggets of mental magic you'll make your own in the How to Read Minds 2 Kit include:

  • Know the exact song someone is thinking of, regardless of its obscurity.
  • Win any game of heads up, charades, or 20 questions, without your target ever saying a word.
  • Play Russian roulette with real money and real fire, and yours will never get burned.
  • Reveal which hand an invisible coin is hidden in, multiple times in a row. Then tell the holder the exact coin they imagined and the date engraved on it.
  • Play a game of "Yes / No" and influence the subject's choices every time.
  • Predict the insect someone is thinking of and watch them have a conniption as it appears on their hand.

The How to Read Minds 2 Kit is available to Kickstarter backers through December 15, 2022. Click here to check it out and pledge for yours.

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