Batman Backpack

Posted: March 20, 2013
Batman Backpack

I guess since the Dark Knight Rises motorcycle suit pretty much congeals itself to the body of whomever puts it on with nary a pocket to spare, UD Replicas figured they better come out with some sort of supplemental storage device for housing real-life Bat gadgets--smartphones, Keyports, indestructible biometric wallets--that won't tarnish or detract from the crotch-rocketin' superhero look. So here we have Batman's backpack. And boy am I glad it doesn't look as flagrantly lame as it sounds.

Available as a limited edition, with a purchase window lasting through April 30, 2013, the lucky 1,000 to score this $300 Gotham-friendly shoulder hugger will relish being the only cats in town lugging around their personal effects in a backpack made of form molded leather stretched over motorcycle grade body armor, and capped with a coupla inverted bat ears that, if positioned properly, may just be pointy enough to puncture a lumbar vertabra.

The Batman backpack has fully adjustable harness sections that render it one size fits all. Expressed maximum capacity is: 4, 500mL water bottles; a few small articles of clothing; or one of Christina Hendricks' boobs.

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