Bear Gentleman 130dB Personal Alarm

Posted: February 14, 2017
Bear Gentleman 130dB Personal Alarm
$13.39 - $16.99
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Pull his metal wiener and this bear will forget he's supposed to be a "gentleman" and scream to the tune of 130 decibels. In the process, he'll try to help your wife, your lady friend, your mama, or your kiddo draw the attention they need to escape an unsafe encounter.

And when you and yours don't need his powerful vocal cords to thwart an attack, the bear's creators say his huggable body and soft fur will make him "a normal doll in your life, your gentleman" too.

The Bear Gentleman also comes with a belt clip for hands-free access and a solar LED flashlight keychain. To activate his 130db alarm, pull out his (humorously-, but also logically-placed) bolt and let Teddy scream for you. When all is well again, reinsert the plug to silence him. And give him a big bear hug, and maybe a lozenge, as thanks for his services.

Bears come in colors brown, khaki, and purple. You also have the option of buying Smart App versions of the Bear Gentleman. These models include an app that downloads and installs to your family's and your smartphones. When activated it provides tracking services that alert family members when you've pull the Gentleman's alarm, and where you are on the map.

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