Bev Tie Beer Koozie Tie

Posted: August 18, 2016
Bev Tie Beer Koozie Tie
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The mountains of North Carolina know how to stay cool. I'm not sure if it's the Blue Ridge or the Smokys, but somewhere high above sea level, industrious minds in search of cold beer, free hands, and stylin' formalwear came up with the Bev Tie. It's a waterproof neoprene neck-sessory with a front pouch sized to hold and keep cold your favorite canned or bottled drink.

The koozie portion has a Velcro strip at the bottom that pushes up to "engage" and resize the pouch to better accommodate a can. Its top-to-bottom neoprene construction ensures your drink won't sweat on your shirt, and a Velcro neck strap makes it easy to put the tie on regardless of how many beers you've already had.

Bev Ties come in 4 different colors, and are recommended for BBQs, tailgates, kayaking trips, and, of course, weddings.

Muchas danke to Gizmodo.

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