Colt 45 Walking Cane

Posted: August 04, 2018
Colt 45 Walking Cane

The old dude with the walking cane might look like an easy target, but if that cane were capped off with a Colt 45 handgun, I sure wouldn't mess with him. Actually, even if the handle were just plain wood like the rest of the stick I wouldn't mess with him. Have you ever been whacked by an old dude with a cane? I mean, my grandpa didn't even always do it to me on purpose, but a cane to the ankle...and definitely a cane to the crotch...will mark a man's memory for a long time.

The Colt 45 walking cane is a great gift for any man who still has the fire in his belly even if he may have lost some of the spring in his step. It's topped with a removable stainless steel handgun grip with free-spinning cylinder. The cane itself also unscrews into 2 pieces for travel. Total length is 37".

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