Damascus Steel Folding Coin Knife

Posted: March 09, 2017
Damascus Steel Folding Coin Knife
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The curators at Huckberry have partnered with the bladesmiths at BucknBear to add every gumball machine's favorite knife to their Damascus EDC collection. The BNB Coin Knife features a distinctive Damascus-style arced steel blade that swivels open and shut along a brushed steel disc. Open, it pairs with a G10 handle with thumb notch for a secure grip. Closed, the knife can slip inside the coin pocket of your jeans or, more appropriately, slip onto a keychain ring or neck chain so it gets the public display it deserves.

Each Coin Knife has its own unique Damascus pattern ambling through the steel blade, but all of them measure 2.7" long and weigh 0.65 ounces.

The BNB Damascus Coin Knife ships in a specially made gift box, and therefore would make an excellent, excellent gift for a man. Like me. Like, specifically me. Hear that, Mama?

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