Dango Coin Capsule

Posted: July 24, 2019
Dango Coin Capsule
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Coins. What a pain in my ass. Piles of them overflow various dishes and trays around my condo, smirking at me from behind their hugely disproportionate ratio of weight and manageability to value. Even the quarter suck because they're the biggest of all, and only seem to appear in my pocket when I don't need money for parking or the gumball machine.

Dango's new tethered Coin Capsule isn't going to make me hate loose change any less, but at least if the dude at the cash-only taco truck forces some upon me, I'll have somewhere to put it besides the tip jar.

The Coin Capsule is a 60mm x 27mm disc with a twist-top that provides access to mini stacks of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. Up to 16, 10, 7, and 9 of them, respectively, for a total of $5.44 piled and clipped neatly inside your pocket or bag...still like a dead weight. But an organized dead weight. A dense, but snazzy, little puck, let's say.

Dango Coin Capsules are made of machined 6061 aerospace grade aluminum, with stain silver or anodized jet black finishes. They have an attached cobra-weave 550 paracord tether and metal clasp for further securing the coin-securing device.

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