Gryp - The Germophobe's Keychain

Posted: September 23, 2017
Gryp - The Germophobe's Keychain
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Germophobes and Purell addicts, get a Gryp. Bacteria and micro-organisms are breeding, spreading, festering everywhere. You can't escape them! But with a solid Gryp on this reality, you can relax, go out into the world prepared and calm. And armed with the little silicone keychain that's going to protect you from them all.

Flexible, protective Gryps are slices of UV-coated, dust- and germ-resistant silicone you can roll and latch into a cone, and slip over your fingers when you have to touch something dirty and gross. Like public bathroom toilet and door handles. And the straps on buses and subways. And the credit card machines and their plastic pens at store checkouts. And ATMs. And elevator buttons. And anything on an airplane.

Gryp says, "Save your sleeve," slip a Gryp onto your keys.

The Gryp spirals into itself and closes with a tap, which pivots to fit most finger sizes. Since it's made of silicone it also provides friction if you need to use the sani-tool to work open a doorknob. Put the Gryp together backwards, and you can use its little flap end as a Pynch, to pick up small objects, such as coins.

Gryp Keychains come in 4 bright colors so that germophobes who tend to have trouble finding their keys are covered too. Here the Gryps are sold in 4-packs.

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