Lightload Survival Tool Towels

Posted: November 21, 2016
Lightload Survival Tool Towels
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Lightload claims theirs are the "only towels that are survival tools!" So like, for when you're on a third date with She-Ra: Princess of Power, and the waiter asks how spicy you want your Jungle Curry, and you say, "5 stars!" to impress her, and then can't stop sweating or making "Haaaahhhh!" sounds for the next 2 hours? So you'll have a 0.6-ounce Lightload disc in your pocket to slip out and use to dab yourself off, maybe even wrap around your head, so she won't go running far, far away from your geyser-glanded self?

No, not so much?

Lightload Towels are certainly towels by nature, and their viscose construction will absorb water from rains and swims, and sweat from workouts and hot peppers. And they'll do it even better, the company says, than cotton and microfiber. But Lightload's true survivalist nature extends to their applications in the wild. If you're not drying off, you can use your Lightload as a wash cloth, a fire starter, a first aid supplement, a diaper, an insulator, or a mask. The wickable fabric will also keep you both dry and warm during active pursuits in cold weather.

Each compacted Lightload is packaged in a waterproof wrap to ensure the cloth stays clean and dry for hygiene or first aid use. Opened, the towels can absorb up to 9 times their weight in water, and begin softening and unfurling as soon as you start dampening them. They are reusable; Lightload says, "They last until they don't.

The Lightload listing here is for a 3-pack, primed and ready to stuff a few stockings.

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