Make Me Pretty Lighter Cases

Posted: May 12, 2023
Make Me Pretty Lighter Cases
$20 - $25
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Ladies with large purses, Make Me Pretty Lighter Cases are calling to you. They're saying, Hey! Don't you need something superfluous and extra bulky to help fill that thing up? Not only can we double...triple...quadruple! the size of a standard BIC Lighter, but we can also make it exponentially harder to light!

OK, I don't know for sure about that last part, but it sure looks like it would be harder to light your BIC inside a Make Me Pretty Lighter Case. Or maybe you're not even supposed to. Maybe you have to remove it every time you want to use it, in which case...equally undesirable. Not a very helpful product overall, but I guess, true to their name, the cases will make your lighters pretty.

Portability, efficiency, and functionality - the cost of beauty, indeed.

No, I get it. Make Me Pretty Lighter Cases are probably meant for decorative display at home, not for housing lighters you'll carry in a bag or pocket. The PLA designs, all created and crafted in Los Angeles, also have medium-trippy aesthetics, so surely Make Me Pretty envisions you using them to light bongs, pipes, and incense burners in the living room, not so much cigs outside the club.

Above are the Saturn and Venus Lighter Cases, part of Make Me Pretty's planet line, which also includes Jupiter, Neptune, Mars, and Mercury. Ah, Pluto, poor bastard. Can't even catch a break when it comes to obscure accessories for your BIC.

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