P'INCH Instant Ruler Pin

Posted: January 26, 2015
P'INCH Instant Ruler Pin
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P'INCH doesn't serve a thousand different functions. Or even a multi-tool standard 8 to 12. And really, it doesn't even do what it does do at great length. Literally, since P'INCH is a pin that's exactly 1 inch long. Just 1. Simple enough. But when you're in a US Standard Unit pinch, sometimes all you need is a pin that measures an inch.

Sewing, sawing, determining how much taller I am than my friend Cornelius, it's not unusual to seek instant access to small units of measurement. P'INCH, divided like a ruler into 1/16" segments, is an easy, wearable, and refreshingly Bluetooth-free accessory to these endeavors. The enamel pin from WKRMN, a one-man shop in St. Paul, Minnesota, subs in for the hefty 65' tape measure when you're on the go or tackling the, well, shorter tasks of life.

WKRMN notes that P'INCH is ideal for gauging length, width, and thickness with complete accuracy down to 1/16". A sturdy butterfly clasp attaches it to garments and bags.

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